Another doorstep scam?

A woman claiming to live on Victoria Road was buzzing all the flats in my building earlier, saying that she'd run out of electricity, only had £2, and needed to make it up to £10 to be able to get the power on again. Maybe she was for real, maybe not, but thought I'd post a warning as these scans do happen from time to time.


  • A women knocked on my door and asked me for 25 pound once as if it was completely normal!
  • I've had both a woman claiming to be a mental health patient looking for help (I assume money) to get back to hospital and somebody claiming to be my neighbour. Both at about 1am.
  • We've just had this on Thorpedale Road at 11:30pm on a Sunday - someone claiming to be our neighbour (who definitely isn't) claiming to need change for the electricity but didn't have the larger note he said he needed change for.
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