Bosa Restaurant

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Opposite Andover Estate, near the Bedford Tavern.
Food is delicious (Sardinian) but definitely on the expensive side (especially the specials). Has anybody else been?


  • I've been twice, I loved the food and the decoration. Pizza dough is excellent. Not too expensive, I think it's a little higher than Pappagone. I hope they make it work, as the spot is a bit difficult.
  • I had starter, pasta, wine and dessert and it was over £40. I would imagine Pizza and eating at lunchtime is cheaper, though. I wish them luck too.
  • Yes been a couple of times, really nice food and quite different from the italians on SGR, I'd say it's more authentic than Pappagone and has better toppings than La Saporita.
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    @andover-yo The pasta I had was nice. I have never been to La Saporita, but the best Pizza I had recently was at Zia Lucia on Holloway Road, opposite the Central Library. My bill at Bosa was hefty because of the specials, but I am sure Pizza would be cheaper.
  • @TheMimsy will have to try it out, my parents are near there and it looks reasonably priced.
  • I'll have to try Bosa. Sounds good. La Saporita is my local favourite for the combination of pizza and good atmosphere.
    Whereas, purely on pizza if the right pizza chef is in, it's La Porchetta for me.
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