The overground is back - timetable experiences?

Finally, finally, just over a week ago, the Overground (which cuts my morning commute more or less in half, not to mention bypasses all the tube stress) started running to Crouch Hill again. The thing is, I don't remember it being quite this unreliable last time.

One train every morning, the very appropriately timed 8:24, bypasses Gospel Oak and keeps going west, theoretically saving me about seven minutes. Now, out of the eight commuter days so far on the new line, it's been cancelled five times and been more than five minutes late (meaning I miss the changeover to the Richmond train) twice.

Today, as if by a miracle, it was in perfect time. But this sort of unreliability is going to be significantly annoying if it keeps happening - I do like to get to work on time if I can. I heard rumours about that particular route being cancelled if they have any other train problems, so I was wondering, does anyone else have previous experience with this? Is it going to keep happening?

And what's everyone else's experience with the reopened Overground line?


  • It's the "spare" train going back to the depot so any issues with any of the trains then they use the spare so the service is cancelled. Haven't use the new line yet but glad to have it back
  • Oh. That makes sense, thank you!

    Do you know how common it is for it to be cancelled? I don't want to keep booking on it and then have it not turn up. Is it just starting hiccoughs or will this persist? Of course it was cancelled again today...
  • In due course all those trains will be replaced with electric ones. After which you'll doubtless get an agonising teething period while they settle in, followed by an improved service - potentially with far more trains skipping Gospel Oak and continuing west, if you're patient.
  • @Thirdeariespace Hello. I now tend to get an earlier train but if I'm running late the 8:24 is very useful. It's commonly known as the 'ghost train' due to it's infrequent appearances. When I tried to get the 8:24 it would turn up less than half the time. I've not used it since the line re-opened.
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    Thanks again. I think I'll consider switching to the train before, even if it means changing at Gospel Oak to that infernally enticing Richmond train that always leaves the platform as the GOBLIN rolls in.
  • I used to aim to get the train before but would then check my national app to see if the 8.24 was running and if it was I'd give myself extra faff time at home
  • Clever! What app is that?
  • I noticed it was suspended this morning due to a faulty train, i would imagine not a new electric train by recent accounts.

    When i was indentured labour on my mother's stall on Walthamstow Market the goblin line had slam doors and was like a secret train that no one knew about, always used to run though.
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