Event Day Parking

How do you find out when event day parking is in action? Our visitors got fined today for parking outside our house despite Arsenal not playing at home and no event at the park (we checked). Several cars got fined along our road.

If it's not checking Arsenal fixtures how else can we check when we need to use parking permits?


  • The signs at the entrance to CPZs have space for temporary placards alert drivers to event days, and those usually go up a few days beforehand. But I've been out and about today - on foot than by car - and haven't noticed that there has been any event locally. There's meant to be info on the council website too - I'll see if I can find the link.
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    I couldn't find anything for the park, and I checked the library too; nor does there seem to be anything on at the Emirates. Very odd. Worth a challenge?
  • AHA!! Got it. Today the Kurdish festival of Newroz was held in the park. Your visitors are not the first people to be caught out by the council's failure to publicise it; see this from 2013: http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=79922. The chap successfully got his PCN overturned, but he did have to go all the way to PATAS. Take screenshots of the council's event page and its failure to display the info ASAP!
  • Yes definitely challenging it. Father in law is furious about it after he was so careful checking websites before hand.
  • Justifiably furious. It is absolutely not there on the event page. But I Googled 'newroz haringey council', and it seems that they did apply for a traffic management order - but I've checked all the 'Various Roads' files back to the 27th Jan and I haven't found it yet!
  • He's challenged it online. We have taken screen shots of the council website and he also called the events phoneline which just beeps and then cuts off. The event days traffic notices are up near the park (edge of our CPZ) but that's it.
  • There was a small sign on Endymion Road about no parking, not that it excuses it.

    Bizarre that the festival was not publicised anywhere anyway.
  • Yes, I might have gone! I used to go in the past but I thought it had been ditched because of fire issues.
  • Just heard from my father in law that his parking fine challenge was rejected by the council despite writing a detailed letter and providing evidence that no events were advertised on that day on the Council website or Arsenal stadium
  • The event was not at the Emirates.

    You should go to arbitration and make the point about the signs.
  • He should write one more time to the council, and tell them that if they will not rescind the ticket that he will go to the adjudicator.

    Councils routinely turn down appeals first time as most people then give up and pay up. When people actually go the adjudicator they have an above 50% win rate.

    I took Haringey to the adjudicator for a case where they were in the wrong. They let it go all the way to the wire, then I got a letter saying I had won by default as Haringey didn't submit any evidence.
  • He has written a strongly worded letter in reply to the rejection but has paid the £40 as he is just fed up of the whole thing. It's just so shocking :(
  • That's what I mean, that's how the councils win. They don't care about stuff being just or fair, they know they can extort the cash - even when a ticket should in the resonable person's mind be rescinded.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I parked in a loading bay in muswell hill to get a cappuccino and got a ticket. Argued I was loading and won. Followed the parking warden down the street until he gave up arguing and agreed I was loading my car with cappuccino. Must have been lucky.
  • @grenners are you serious? That is disgraceful and you were extremely lucky. The definition of loading is goods that require a car.
  • I just got one cancelled as the operator had not illuminated the signs.

    Also just lost one where i was 'more' in the right as i was actually loading, not sure what the next step is with that.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Yes totally serious. The application of humour twisted his arm. But you can't reverse a ticket on one of those machines so he had to write me a note and I had to chase it through the council. Has the desired effect though I won't be doing that again. He came from know where he was definitely hiding when I scanned the street. I think genuinely he was hiding as when I complimented him on his supernatural skills he seemed very flattered.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    It's the parking game. Muswell Hill was a win but I have seriously lost in the past also. Even one where I went to a newsagent to get change for a parking machine.
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