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Cold callers - money expert

Hey all - just had a weird door step experience. Two people (man and woman) from asking lots of questions, apparently trying to save me money on my gas and energy supplier. Their manner was odd - the young woman put her foot inside the door frame so it would be hard for me to close the door and was very, very nosy, having a good look around, down the hall and up the stairs. They were very pushy and when i said i wasn't interested asked if they could come in for a glass of water. I declined - i didn't want them in the house and as i said, i found their manner odd. Having just googled Money Expert, it seems that they are legit company who apparently can help you swap suppliers BUT they have been reported to OfGem because they have been implying that they are from the better know Money Saving EXPERT website, which they are not. Anyway - as i said, for me, their manner, trying to gain access to the house and having a look around was what caused me alarm. Just wondered if anyone else had any of these experiences. I'm just off SG road.
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