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Burglary Charteris Road/Moray Road


I'm a new member but have been reading this forum for a few years..a long time devotee of Dotori, Petek and the WB Yeats! I wanted to put a warning out that myself and my partner were burgled on Thursday 30 March. This happened anytime between 10am - 11pm. They accessed our ground floor flat through the bedroom window. Please be vigilant!

We had two Canon DSLR cameras, a macbook and a lot of jewellery stolen amongst other things. Our hard drive with all of our photos was taken too, so we are clinging on to the hope that it will be found tossed aside as it isn't worth any money but has 6 years of memories on it. So if anyone sees a black hard drive discarded do let me know. I realise this is a long shot but you do hear of people getting these things back.



  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Sorry to hear! Thanks for the heads up, and I will keep my eyes out.
  • Apparently there was an attempted burglary at the Evershot end of Corbyn St last night too - via bathroom window, but occupants were still up so burglar went away. Maybe connected? How upsetting for you, I'll keep an eye out for hard drive.
  • Yes maybe connected. Awful. Thank you for keeping an eye out.
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