Tesco Hornsey Road ATM

The ATM has been out of order for ages.
Tesco have nothing to do with it as it's managed by RBS.
For residents who live nearby the ATM is a lifeline - it's either going to Holloway Road or to the one at the Post Office opposite The Shaftesbury.
My neighbour has contacted RBS via Twitter hoping they will fix it soon.


  • There's also a free atm inside the post office on sg road, though you can only get to it in opening hours. Also at both sainsburys - near the tube and by hanley rd - or on crouch hill near the butcher.
  • There's also a free one in the wall of the Snow White drycleaners. Thanks for contacting RBS though.
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    And a free Sainsbury's bank one at Sainsbury's down the other end of SGR on the way to the tube. The Sainsburys by The Dairy has one too doesn't it?
  • There's three at the top end of SGR, one at Stroud Green Convenience Store, one that looks dodgy but is fully functional in a phone box (?) in the middle of the pavement and one at Sainsbury's. None of them really help from Hornsey road though :neutral:
  • Ah, didn't notice the Hornsey Rd bit. That area has always been short of anything useful.
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    RBS said they will look into it. Looks like it has been tampered. Cards cannot be inserted but the screen looks okay.
    @Miss Annie The hardware shop across the road is actually pretty good!
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    The one at White Hill Stores is now free.

    The one on the elthorne looks like someone may have tried to get a five finger discount on some casho.
  • Also in hornsey road tesco by tollington way, and hornsey road post office. Though I saw somewhere that the banks are arguing again about free atm points - in the olden days you could only get free cash from your bank and your bank's partner. It would be very tiresome if they reverted to that.

  • @Kate The one by Tesco/Tollington Way is the one I mean in my original post.

    @HolbornFox I forgot about the one near White Hill Store...
  • Oh yes! Should read heading as well as message ...
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