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Raw milk delivery

(First wrote this on - sorry if you've seen it twice!)

Hi all! This is Ed who's trying to start the farmers market in Stroud Green (that's still going ahead but sadly it's been delayed for the while).

In the meanwhile I've been in touch with a Somerset dairy farmer who delivers unpastaurised milk to London. The minimum he delivers is 5 litres which is too much for me so I thought I'd ask if anyone would like to share - you could just pick up a bottle from me on Wednesday evening or during the following days. And no-one has to sign up for a regular delivery, can just try it and see if you like it, then order as & when you like.

It's £2 a litre. The milk is really delicious & very rich! It's a small herd, and they live outside feeding on grass during the Summer & inside on hay/silage when it gets colder. The farming practice, like that of many small farms, is "natural but not organic", meaning that they keep to traditional standards without chemicals etc but don't want the hassle or expense of being certified.

Here's the website! If you'd like to know more about raw milk, here's the case for it:

...and against it:

Best wishes to everyone! Let me know if you're interested, wither by a private message or just a comment below.

from Ed
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