• I've been wondering about the "We don't Buy Stolen Booze" posters at the Stroud Green Convenience Store, because it seemed like a thing store owners wouldn't do anyway. Apparently it's a thing, though.
  • Would have been cheaper to buy 9 bottles from Lidl
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I don't trust a lot of independent shops after watching a documentary on counterfeit booze. That's hard for the cops to spot.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    So all the main wine brands like the Austin and California labels are forged.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
  • You don't thing they ship them from Australia and sell them for £5 or£6. Essex fakes mixed with all sorts? Joking. But joking aside, I've always kept with French, Italian and some Spanish. Might be sharp but not mixed.
  • What they do is bring the wine in very big plastic tanks. It is then bottled in the UK. You can tell by looking at the back label. It will show it has been bottled at a UK postcode. For some reason you quite often is a Perth in Scotland post code. Doesn't mean it ius terrible wine but not top notch.
  • I've started making my own, I cannot believe what you can make wine out of (turnips, coffee etc.) I will be making the nettles nervous next.
  • That's a good point about postcode Ali. Though when I buy wine for £6 obviously I'm not expecting top notch. Wine made out of turnips, though ... on your own head be it ...
  • Bizarrely, by all accounts, turnips produce fruity fizzy wine akin to prosseco, there'll be no Stroud Greeno Grigio Blush for you when it's ready.

    Actually I keep meaning to upload some pictures of the coffee roaster i restored and the different blends of coffee i roasted.

    Its the same machine that Blightly coffee were using and are now selling except i added more thermocouples and heat readers to mine!

  • You should do a wine tasting.
  • *polishes champagne glass*
  • Well i might bring some Perry to a social if its ever organised (cough) but you'll have to fight me for the turnip champers.

    I was debating doing a light 'Nordic style' coffee roast and handing that out, of course i would have to name it something like The Tollington Blend to make it appeal to the poor poor macro fans.
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