Hello all! Sorry for barging in, but I was just wondering if anyone had any information on Hopsmiths - is there any new usage planned, or is it up for lease?

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  • The spiders' web in the place seem to indicate that no one has opened the front door since last summer.
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    Believe there was talk of Max making enquiries about taking over the lease but not getting anywhere.

    Whatever cataclysmic event led to Late Knights' breakup must have been truly something for them to handle this the way they have... to not even bother trying to offload it.
  • Max has a new one in Shoreditch now doesn't he?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    according to the evening standard he is opening one in Dalstoni think I read. The goss on the street is that the owner of seasons restaurant, who lives with Max, is taking the lease of the former triangle restaurant next to Londis on Ferme Park Road and will open a brunch and coffee place there once the development is completed.
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    He's not actually opening in Dalston (yet) - he's taking over the kitchen at a bar called Birthdays for 6 months. Birthdays does rotating kitchen residencies and is where Ritas started, among others.

    Birthdays is affiliated with Vice... Max has a show on Vice's food site 'Munchies'... so that's where that all kicked off.
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