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Does anyone have any recommendations for taxis doing airport transfers to Heathrow? We will also need two booster seats. I have been searching but so many have poor ratings and experiences! I don't want to be stuck with two children and luggage if they loose my booking etc.


  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    we have used express on hornsey road a few times to heathrow & have always been impressed. drivers arrive for pick up early / on time & use decent routes.
    not sure whereabouts in stroud green you are but we've paid £32.
    can't comment on booster seats i'm afraid.
  • I can thoroughly recommend our next door neighbour who has just taken a family member to Heathrow for £35. He is a fully registered and insured driver with a brand new top of the range dual fuel car (which he washes every day). I am not quite sure how he normally gets his customers or if he officially works through a firm (we just knock on the door), or whether this was a special price for us, but he's very reliable. Very Stroud Green. Can find all that out and DM you his number if you want.
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    @-noodles- We have used Express Cars twice before and had awful experiences with them, I really wouldn't recommend them hence why I'm asking for recommendations!

    @krappyrubsnif definitely interested but can he provide booster seats?
  • I have used express cars many times. Very good eveytime I have used them
  • Probably will check today
  • I've used a few times.
    I've just selected the cheapest one and gone with them. No problems or issues.
  • @Ilovegreyhounds Sorry - he mostly does business / exec / celebish call outs and so doesn't have booster seats. I suppose you could take your own and recover them on return. Also you will probably need a seven seater with luggage etc, no? Sorry.
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    I use Express regularly and never had any problems. I have also booked them to pick me up from the airport. I have found the drivers consistently honest and reliable.
  • Thanks, I obviously pulled the short straw with them twice a year apart because our experience was really grim
  • We also use Express - have done for many years now - for both airport drop offs and pick ups. Never had a single problem with them, so would definitely recommend them. I'm sure they can provide boosters, although we've always just taken our own.
  • Yes, sounds like bad luck with express. They're at the end of the road so I use them fairly often for short hops, with no problem - and recently did a very early morning Luton airport run which was very smooth and easy. (And via fear of flying and Fela Kuti turned into an extended commentary on Nigerian politics ...)
  • I usually use , they're useful also for non-airport transfers. (It's an aggregator, sorts by price)
  • I must admit I was also going to suggest Express on Hornsey Road, who I have used before and were good value with decent cars and drivers and on time.
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