Wightman Road possible permanent closure - urgent consultation

I've just discovered there's a traffic consultation for the whole of the Green Lanes area currently occurring and they are seriously considering either fully closing Wightman Road permanently or making it one-way permanently. In the consultation documentation it even states that they are "unaware" of the traffic problems that may have occurred during the last closure in surrounding areas (which does appear to be a horrendous shirking of responsibility). The consolation itself looks huge, but just head to the Wightman Road pages (don't bother commenting on the others unless you're interested). And the consultation is finishing this weekend -Sunday 14th May.
The closure of Wightman Road caused massive traffic issues through Stroud Green last time, and also created havoc down on Green Lanes, leading to some bus journeys taking upto 15 mins longer. Feels like this benefits only the very few, IMHO.
Anyhow, please do add into the consultation below


  • Thanks for posting this Helen, I had absolutely no idea. How could there be a consultation that would drastically affect a good portion of Stroud Green with out letting us know about it? The closure of Wightman Road last year was a nightmare, with standing traffic backing up all along the Upper Tollington Park Road and Stroud Green Road for several hours every day. Green lanes and Hornsey right up to Crouch End also came to a standstill. Wightman Road may be busy but at least the traffic flows along it.
    I wrote to one of our councillors last year, when ladder residents put forward the proposal to keep Wightman Road closed, i've got to dig out his response, but I remember him saying the council was well aware of the sort of problems the closure was causing and there were no plans to close it further.
    It's a definitely a scheme that would benefit a few people at the cost of a lot more of us! Please take the time to respond to the consultation.
  • This is preposterous. I can't believe they are actually considering it, in so far as it is in a consultation... it's a main road.
    The Haringey document linked makes very little mention of the impact on the wider area.
    I remember at the time someone on Wightman Road trying to get me to sign a petition on it and I pointed out that I was seeing noticeably more traffic on Hanley Road because of the temporary closure.
    Their response was pretty much: 'Yes, but look how much nicer our road is without cars'.
  • Only a couple more days to voice any concerns on the consultation, so please do!
  • anything to force a move away from private vehicle ownership and onto sustainable transport, seems like a good thing to me.
    anyone heard of climate change?
    close more roads, pedestrianise and green them. another world IS possible - you just need to start adjusting.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    @rikki not if it's going to cause a constant traffic jam outside someone else's house just so some clever residents can improve their street and house prices.
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