WALNUT restaurant (in old Exeter St Bakery spot) crowdfunding ends soon

... in case you were thinking of contributing, I believe it ends on Tuesday 9th May: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/walnut


  • Strong candidate for best fry-up in Stroud Green. Decent wine list too, which is a perilous Sunday combination.
  • Did you have a decent Chablis with the sausage and black pudding then?

    What's the midday and eve menu like?
  • Dunno, we were put off by our cold drinks (coffee & hot chocolate). Also, strange atmosphere for mid afternoon - really loud music and unfriendly servers. But may just be teething probs - I hope
  • Loud music is definitely a no-no for me.
  • We had a lovely brunch there on Saturday. Some teething problems (slowish service, cash only, music a bit loud) but the food made up for it. At some point about ten people were queueing for tables, I don't think they expected to be quite that busy yet!
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    Certainly neither music nor service were an issue on Sunday early afternoon.
  • Lovely coffee & slice of excellent blueberry cake on Friday lunchtime. Though I'd have liked the cash-only notice to be on the door rather than on the coffee machine, because I didn't see it & I didn't have enough cash! Not a big problem, with Sbry just next door, but I'd rather have known before I went in so I could have gone to the cashpoint then.
  • Yes, but what music? There is loud music and there is loud music.
  • Bob Marley when I was there.
  • Krappy: no there isn't. Loud music of any sort is a pain, in a cate. IMHO.
  • Checkski i am 100% with you. It really determines whether I like a place or not and whether I will return.
  • Same here. If it's loud (anything that hampers normal volume level conversation), and also not to my taste, I'll never go back.
  • went in yesterday for a very lovely lunch. Music quietly on in the background (very quietly). Food excellent
  • Hi, Pembe so sorry your drinks were cold please do come back and have a drink (of any kind!) on me!
    Good to get feedback about music, its hard to determine how loud it is when the restaurant is busy but we will be sure to monitor this.
    Lastly huge apologies for the cash only scernario, I have been massively let down by the company who promised to have it all installed by the 22nd of April! Hopefully by the weekend we will be up and running........ hopefully!
    Emma - Walnut chef and owner
  • Hi Emma, nice to see you responding to feedback :smile: Good luck with your business. I'll visit this week probably. Also have a reward to claim!
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    I popped in for a coffee and was sad not to see iced coffee on the board, but I asked and they do make them and it was delicious! Really great AND the server got all excited about making it his special way. I'll miss the occasional take away sand which for lunch, but it's welcome to the neighbourhood for me!
  • The barista on duty when I was in there was a really top bloke.
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    Popped in for a coffee, nice environment. Luckily for me music wasn't loud (CSN&Y). Antonio, the guy who served me was top notch. Will go back for brunch soon.
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  • Doesn't seem to be hurting trade.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Agree with gardener Joe - feel like it needs something to indicate it is open. Brighter lights, bigger signs, who knows.
  • John Cage's silent track should be played.
  • Do they do a tumeric latte with coconut milk?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    No signage and tinted windows........doesn't make me want to smile.
  • On music. I wonder why no cafe, restaurant or bar anywhere ever does light classical music? Or even hardcore classics. Is it just because it's regarded as unfashionable/oldie/not hip? The only places you ever hear it publicly is in lifts, tube stations, which is awful, and on the phone. Almost same applies to decent jazz. Just asking.
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    OMG the coffee! Highly recommended. I've not had good coffee anywhere on our street before, but this was up there among the best in London - strong, distinct coffee flavour without being bitter, over-acidic or burnt. Fantastic!

    The breakfast was lovely, too, with amazingly orange-yolked eggs, quality sausage and homemade baked beans that run circles around the suff in cans. The only disappointing thing was the bread, spongy and flavourless, which annoyingly is the only thing I miss about Exeter Street Bakery...
  • I had lunch here today and thought it was great. Had a DELICIOUS avocado and salsa on sourdough snack with an elderflower spritz. Also thought the coffee was great. Good luck to Emma, I think it's good quality food in a pleasant environment.
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  • @gardener-joe What? :) Weak at Bon Matin and Traiteur, sour and fussy at Vagabond, burnt at Italian Farmers, Costa and Starbucks, flavourless and sprinkled with Nesquick (!) at Vittorios... What have I missed? ^_^
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