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Runthrough \ Chase The Sun

I cannot recommend this enough after doing it last night, 400+ people running through Finsbury Park for 5 and 10K.

There is support, marshals, post run drinks, medal etc.

Makes for a really inspiring run whether you do it in 15 minutes or an hour, I managed to take a minute off my Parkrun time from Saturday.

Apparently at the Wimbledon one the medal is in the shape of a Womble!

Coincidentally there was over 400 people at Parkrun on Saturday as well.


  • I go to oarkrun every Saturday at Finsbury park it's superb. Yoga we with Hannah in the park afterwards is great too
  • edited May 11
    I've not seen the yoga, whereabouts is that?

    I cannot always go to Parkrun as it interferes with my other training schedule but last week i did Parkrun then straight to spinning with Artur at Puregym. Then went home and died.
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