Stroudgreen: The best or worst place for disabled drivers to shop and commute.

It is either amazing that Stroud green rd, Fonthill road and associated roads are so accommodating to the amazing amount of shoppers with disability blue badges. There is also an amazing amount of private hire vehicles with disabled badges.

I am slightly sceptical however that there is a huge amount of fraud as I see so many people able bodied parking and loading heavy shopping and deliveries. Even washing their cars.

Any thoughts how this could be policed better. I think it is the most fraudulent of crimes.


  • There is plenty of space to park during shopping hours on Fonthill Rd for those with or without badges. I know Morrisons on Holloway Rd, and Sainsburys at Arena park both police their car parks for misuse of accessible and parent & baby spaces.

    You can report it

    As already proven on a different thread, there are people who just don't think that any kind of rules of the road or parking restrictions really apply to them.

  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I think what some people class define as disabled is a bit of a grey area. There is a person who has her own disabled parking spot near to me. Her house is only accessible via stairs and she's always walking down the road to the shop. I'm sure she has some sort of illness or disability but she just looks elderly to me. She smokes heavily and walks slowly. Unfortunately decades of labour government created a culture where everyone thought it was OK to get a freebie.
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  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Fact checking? Well over a decade and everyone who voted labour (joking).

    But on the subject of disabled passes you just have to trust people. Most cars are used by a family so a taxi driver can get one for his mother etc. I know someone who is so wealthy it would make you cry and his family is on the times rich list. He has his car registered as a carer vehicle or something similar for his ancient grandmother so he can avoid congestion charge.
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