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Someone tried to burgle our flat this morning.

One bike stolen from our front garden rack.
Chap walked into our bedroom to find someone's hands coming through the top window - he'd left it open a crack while he nipped to the bathroom. He bellowed at them but by the time he had got to the front door they were gone.
Police have been round, they have a list of burglary suspects but not enough evidence to charge them with yet.


  • edited May 2017
    So if someone tries to sell you a man's old yellow mountain bike with a slightly dented top bar, let me know.
  • I know it's unlikely but I hope you get your bike back. Do people still try to sell stolen bikes in Brick Lane? A friend of mine managed to get his back once, but that was years ago.
  • The market behind the old post office on Holloway Rd is the most likely place but some crackhead has probably sold it for a tenner by know.
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