Fly tipping

Lorne Road is getting badly hit by fly tippers - including one load left last night in my neighbours' front garden.

What to do about it?

The other pictures are here:


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  • Haringey seems to have problems with flytipping all across the borough. Do they charge a lot for collecting excess waste or something?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    The picture above looks like a case of bin men not emptying a bin as they can see something in it or its overflowing because their employer Veiola has strict rules about that. Ultimately it's a council issue as they entered into a contract with these companies in a way which maximises their profit and reduces public services. The picture is also a case of the general apethy and pathetic behaviour of a good section of the population. If some one took responsibility and stuffed that crap in the adjacent bin or nearby bin then the problem will go away. We have 4 bins in my building and 4 flats. I have not numerous occasions had to take things out of the bin or take items sitting near a bin and break it down and stuff it somewhere because otherwise it will sit there whilst people pile crap around it. Sometimes I have to take things and put them in bins of adjacent properties for example when people move in or out and then dump stuff next to the bin.
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  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I would say knock on your neighbours door and ask them wtf they think they are doing having that crap sat outside their house. Or do what I do and just walk in there and stuff it into the bins. People need to look after themselves better that's a disgrace even if they didn't put it there themselves.
  • @Grenners, I can absolutely assure you that is not the case.

    I think your comment is rather offensive actually.

    The young woman who lives there has been out all afternoon in old clothes and wearing a pair of kitchen gloves clearing up the mess. It's gone. Unfortunately as far as I know she didn't find any envelopes or evidence of addresses identifying the fly tippers. I heard on social media from five Haringey councillors including the cabinet member from the environment yesterday, who are keen to prosecute if they can get evidence against anyone.

    I think you should apologise.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Maybe my language lacks finesse, all I'm saying is there is shit outside someone's house so I'm not sure how you can do anything about that but speak to the occupants inside but seems you did that. I think it has something to do with frustrated people having no room in their own bins and instead of doing the decent thing and driving to a tip this is what happens because rubbish is collected fortnightly.
  • The type and amount of rubbish suggests it's people dumping rubbish on a large scale and illegally leaving it in the street or on private land to avoid having to pay to dump at a council depot - so a commercial operation. People like builders renovating houses, landlords or house agents, house clearance pirates. These people do not leave it in the bins outside their houses - they dump it on us.

    It's called fly tipping and is quite different from being a messy householder.

    You can dump / recycle rubbish for free at the Haringey recycling centre at Wood Green but people with large amounts (eg vans or lorries) or commercial operators have to have a licence to use it I believe.
  • I'm so pleased I live in Islington where we have weekly, didn't realise you had fortnightly collections over there.

    Krappy is right. There's a big flytipping problem in Haringey, you see people complaining about it all over twitter. I believe the people on roads off Green Lanes suffer quite badly with dumped furniture, bags of rubbish and whatnot from landlords clearing flats.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    It's quite bad depending on who lives in your building and therefore what rubbish they create. So we have 4 flats and 2x black bins. So one flat has a penchant for takeaways and two flats have children with nappies. Every summer we have maggots crawling out of our stinking bins. I heard Haringey was called the rotten borough.

    Anyway my theory is that the kind of fly tipping as shown above which is a load of household junk is often tenants moving out or similar and is increased when bins are already too full elsewhere. Empty bins are not going to stop someone dumping furniture but certainly in my experience crap left outside is tenants who have not considered what to do with their junk on the stressful move day.
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    I am on the Islington side and there are persistent hotspots where people dump all sorts of stuff, for instance the recycling bins at the junction of Wray Crescent and Tollington Park. I go past them everyday and the amount of stuff laying around in bags ( and not) is astounding. Another hotspot is by Hornsey Road Tesco, by the cashpoint. In my opinion the app is good but it's a reactive way of dealing with the issue. Personally I think some people can't be bothered to go to the recycling centre or to use their own bins.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    There is quite a bizarre culture of dumping stuff near recycling bins and not in the bins happens near vehicle entrance to Finsbury Park. The junk dumped outside the Mind shop is also weird as it's not resaleable and the poor staff have to clear it up. It gets strewn across the pavement and anything decent is probably nicked overnight.

    We used to have keep Britain tidy advertisements. We need a return to civic pride culture and not one of fining people like on Panorama.
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    I don't understand the rationale of dumping stuff outside charity shops when they are closed, knowing damn well that the stuff gets ruined, stolen or rained on, hence defying the objective of donating to charity and making staff's lives harder as they have to pick it up.
    Furthermore, some shops like British Heart Foundation collect unwanted stuff.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Yes strange as it took some sort of effort to get it to the shop in the first place. Would be just as easy to find a huge bin and throw it in. If it's really of use someone will collect it for free. If Mind can sell it then so can you if you can be bothered. My wife recently sold a plastic babies bath for £5 which was bought new from Tesco for £10. I couldn't believe it was sold and that someone spent time and possibly money coming to collect it. We sold 4 red plastic Ikea chairs originally bought for £8 each for £5 each.
  • People are lazy and the culture of civic pride no longer seems to exist. People throw rubbish on the floor even when they are a couple of steps from a bin.

    I walked home from Crouch End today past two massive piles of rubbish on SGR (Haringey side), one with a ripped open bin bag of cat litter. It's like a third world country sometimes.
  • It will be a third well country in about 2 years and there will be even less money for the council to anything about it after we leave the EU and have had a few years of a government lead by the supreme leader
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4 opposed to the totalitarian nightmare of the EU......?

    The only way to do something about it is a campaign to change the culture. Get people to take responsibility for themselves.
  • @grenners , you can ask the council for more bins, you know. It might take some persistence, but it's worth it.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    There isn't really any room for another bin it is like the invasion of the darleks already and the idea of having millions of bins with rotting crap everywhere is not good. The idea is to force people to recycle by fully utilising the green bins (people should recycle) but some people are up to their neck in a swamp of leaking nappies.
  • Well, nappies are a force of their own. Better in the bin than down the loo - the shared sewerage outflow in my last place backed up because of someone flushing nappies and that was deeply horrible to deal with! So if you can shoehorn in another bin - even one of the smaller ones - that might be worth a try, and you can get the council to take it away again in a couple of years when the kids have grown up a bit.
  • @Grenners I do agree there is a serious problem with a minority of filthy and antisocial householders/tenants who leave rubbish everywhere and don't recycle. It's a matter of education and civic responsibility often totally absent. I do sympathise, don't get me wrong.
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