Oven & Hearth

I noticed builders in. Wonder if it will become something else or if it's a refurb?


  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Totally bizarre place just about everyone I speak to think this is some kind of money laundering place as it's so hard to explain why it changes so often.
  • It's very strange. They've have had three different concepts since I moved here just over a year ago, none apparently successful.
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    the food is good but took ages to come both times i visited & the service was dire.
    it also seems to keep strange hours?
  • I tried going and getting some takeaway last week around 7pm and it was closed, they did decent food but it was a bit of a weird place.
  • It's not a money laundering place. The reason it changes so often is that it is being used as a prototype for a potential chain and they keep tweaking it to see what works. It's not how I would run it though - I think it's smaller changes to the menu and portion sizes etc that would make this place really good, rather than rebranding.
  • Opening hours/serving times rather than the menu as such.
  • We ate there and the food was good. Nice selection of craft beer too.

    Atmosphere created is slightly strange, largely I think due to the every changing and slightly odd interior since the early days of Rub opening - I presume it is the same people behind both.

    I see the menu is now different to when I ate there last, longer and more choice, may have to revisit if it is still open.

    That's interesting Trainspotter, sheds a bit of light on why it keeps revamping itself.

  • It seems strange, though, to not actually be open during normal hours (early evening), and surely this must make it hard to build up a regular clientele if they don't know if it'll be open or not. I'm glad to hear the food is good, @Papa L - I've been wanting to try it out.
  • Normal opening hours would be a prerequisite for most businesses to succeed it would seem. Not sure a trial of not doing that as a concept is going to work.
  • > Normal opening hours would be a prerequisite for most businesses to succeed it would seem.

    Or at least put the times on the door they're opening.
  • But that would mean them adhering to those hours...

    Reminds me of when I was a student, there was a great chippy up the road, but as its hours were so erratic, we'd have to stick our heads out of the window to check if it was open or not. Not the best of business models, unless you're dealing with students...
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