James Joyce celebration, June 16

June 16 is a big day for James Joyce lovers. It is the day on which his masterpiece, Ulysses, is set.
We’ll be celebrating in style, with readings from the novel which mix raucous humour, sexual frankness, Wildean wit, pathos, politics and a wonderful evocation of everyday Dublin life. The cast includes Nora Connolly and Oengus Macnamara, with live music from Sally Davies and Martina Schwarz.

‘A Journey Round Ulysses’ is at Hornsey Town Hall on Friday, June 16, starting at 7.30pm.
Entry £10. Tickets and further information via:
on facebook:

'A Journey Round Ulysses' is a Blacktooth production: made in Stroud Green.


  • June 16th is also known as Bloomsday for this reason. Joyce chose it as it was the day that he had his first date with Nora.

    It's also my birthday, never read the book though, it's on my 'unreadables' list, along with Moby Dick and Infinite Jest.
  • It is also the day on which Ted Hughes wed Sylvia Plath, chosen for the date. That ended well, then.
  • edited June 2017
    I think the film is a good introduction to the language. It is a book to dip into and out of..
  • edited June 2017
    I don't have a problem with the language, I think it could have done with some hefty editing. It's interminable. Mind you I rarely read books by dead white men at all these days.
  • Editing? Just Yes! would have done.
  • krappy, would have thought the word play could have been up your street. Miss Annie, I read a lot of contemporary women writrs at the moment. Sara Baume, Jaki Mc Carrick, Kate Clanchey. Joyce is amazing but is hard work. Lots of amazing non-white male writers at the moment.
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