Made in Stroud Green



  • I really enjoyed reading it this morning, pleased to spot so many people I know or at least recognise. I want to know more about the bait vending machine!!!
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I totally agree. Its great.
  • I thought that the bait vending machine was one of Stewart Lee's spoof stories.
  • Mr Snaps the Tory MP or was it one of his other names
  • Where can I find it?
  • It should have been posted through the doors of every household in Stroud Green (not sure of the definition, likely to be the Stroud Green Ward of Haringey Council?). Mine came through the letterbox this morning.
  • Ah, we're on the Islington side. Shame, would've liked to read it!
  • It should also be distributed along the Islington side of Stroud Green Road. If you would like a copy please email me on or pop into the Deli at 180 or the Stapleton Tavern - we will leave some copies there. I hope you like it!
  • Thanks Raj! Will pop into the deli soon.
  • @krappyrubsnif was the maggot stall really operated by Grant Schapps too?
  • What a fantastic magazine, a reminder of what a great area we live in - congrats and thanks to all involved!
  • Nothing on Islington side as far as I know. I'd like to have had a copy.
  • I'm on the Islington side (on SGR though) and I got one. Very informative and interesting. Ho Chi Minh, eh? Who knew?
  • I think the Grant Schapps connection is a flight of fancy. But the maggot machine was real, I remember it and recall seriously considering getting some as a practical joke. It was roughly where Front Room is now I think.
  • Any mention of the Whelk stall at the Osborne ?
  • Ali, you should have a copy....
  • I got a copy and thought it rather lovely. I also like the cover. I feel moved to colour it in in the manner of one of those mindfulness colouring books.
  • Congrats to all who sail in her! Stroud Green shows some of its treasures. Raj: can you post an e copy?
  • I'd like an e copy too if possible.
  • E-copy available here - Lots more copies left in the Deli, Pretty Shiny Shop, Launderette and Stapleton where i have just dropped them off. Let me know if you still didn't get one.
  • I will be leaving more hard copies at But First in Quernmore road tomorrow. It should have been delivered to over 7,000 households on both sides of SG Road covering beyond the Haringey ward boundary.
  • Very well done all involved. Excellent, I really enjoyed the read and spotting familiar locals , could not believe it when my fox friend was featured, great photo too!
  • Thanks. In the interests of transparency and because a former councillor in Tottenham hale has posted a disparaging tweet about the magazine I will clarify the funding arrangements. From Haringey Council we allocated £3300 to the magazine from our ward budget last year which is a total of £10,000 - the remaining £6700 approx was awarded to the friends of parkland walk to do some improvements to the path leading to the walk from Stapleton Hall Road.

    To date of the £3300 allocated printing 8700 copies has cost £2028.50 (No VAT).
    Distribution of 7803 copies by Solus Distribution Newspapers/Magazines has cost £526.70
    Plus GPS Track & Report £52.67 i.e. an Estimate Total £579.37 ex VAT.

  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Are you able to reduce the cost going forward by using advertising revenue?
  • Yes. Hopefully it will be easier to persuade businesses to advertise next time if there is another issue building on the success of the first.
  • So there are no immediate plans for further editions, then?

    I just picked up a copy this evening, I'm sure we'd all love it if it was to become a regular thing.
  • We will review at the end of the year to see what plans the Traders have for another trail and if local businesses are willing to advertise so that the magazine can be self-financing. I would be reluctant to ask for any more pubic funding from our ward budgets as there are other worthy causes we want to promote. The feedback so far has been very positive!
  • The archive must be a treasure trove of historical and other information about the local area. It would be a great thing if all the randomness that tends to happen in some of the threads could be untangled and documented into a set of say historical themes or other themes about the area.

    Anyone remember Busby absolutely fascinating stuff about being a boy living around her during the second world war priceless really.

    There must be a retired Historians, Geographers or Journalists who have the correct skills to do this ?
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