Local charity for kid's stuff

I have a load of things from my son (now 5) that I want to donate to a local charity. Toys, books, clothes, miscellaneous things one accumulates (like an aluminium frame child carrier backpack). Are there any local charities who would be glad of this? I don't especially want to take it to a charity shop or Freegle it, but those are my alternatives.


  • Maybe you could donate the clothes and toys to a collection for the families affected by the Grenfell Tower fire? So many people have lost everything.
  • I heard Hornsey Parish Church is collecting things for the families affected by the Grenfell fire. Also Pram Depot in Wood Green takes donations of certain items for vulnerable families. It is actually not that easy to donate baby equipment (apart from clothes). I took things to various Crouch End charity shops and was told they don't take them. But the Mind shop on Stroud Green Road and the Marie Curie shop on Green Lanes took them.
  • You've probably seen that the latest advice is that they've got enough donations for families affected by the fire, though there are other ways to help.
  • I believe the Whittington hospital accept toys.
  • Thanks all. I believe that the Grenfell people have been inundated, although it's certainly a worthy cause.
  • Baby and toddler stuff always seems very popular on Freecycle. You could always look through for wanted posts to avoid the hassle of an offer (too many replies, too few, no shows etc)
  • Contact PramDepot to check what donations they currently need. They distribute equipment depending on the families they are currently working with. Also see if the foodbank based at Holy Trinity could do with some kids clothes. Three years ago they took a few bags of baby clothes to give to families in need when they came to use the food bank.
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