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Looking for Cyclist , London to Brighton

edited June 2017 in Local discussion
Hi People,

My dad had booked himself for the London to Brighton bike ride what happens this weekend (Sunday) but unfortunately due to a health issue he cannot now do it for his personal safety and other riders safety. Most cyclists will know what the London to Brighton bike ride is but if you don't know its a massively organised yearly bike ride that happens every year and is sponsored mainly by British heart foundation, My Dad is not looking for no money in this what so ever , Just wants somebody who can cycle to take his place as otherwise it will go untaken and stop somebody else who can attend. It starts at 7.30 from Clapham Common i will post a link below for full details. It would mean a lot for somebody else to complete this bike ride as he is very upset that he cant attend it this year anymore and been trying neighbours without luck.

Thanks for reading

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