Summer of Love Local - this weekend

Did anyone know about this? Workshops, tastings, talks, exhibitions. I only saw a poster on my way home this evening. Shame, it sounds really good.


  • Nope. Not on my radar.
  • Er..... Stroud Green Festival and Stroud Green Day events have been mentioned several times on this site, also in the Made in Stroud Green magazine, nobody seems to have taken much notice. It's happening around you guys.
  • @krappyrubsnif This is not part of any of those you mention. I know about the annual Stroud Green Festival but the music is not really my cup of tea - I know, philistine.

    However, ceramic workshops, art talks, tastings and whatnot are exactly the sort of thing I like and I know a lot of likeminded people in the area, none of whom had heard about these events today. I'm just surprised I didn't hear anyone talking about it on twitter or in real life. It sounds really good from the website and poster listings.

    I live in the Islington part of SG so didn't get a copy of Made in Stroud Green magazine. Doesn't open online on my device either.
  • Thx Miss Annie; I thought it was just me ...
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    Any updates on the old Triangle on Ferm Park ? I have been hoping it will be opening soon and good for local groups ...
  • I saw it on here a while ago, decided to spend the weekend in London so that I could make the most of it - though I was sorry that no Jo Cox celebrations seemed to have been organised.

    I didn't receive a copy of the magazine either, probably due to letterbox police, so I picked mine up from a shop a few days ago.
  • There was a lunchtime picnic in Crouch End for the Great Get Together today @harpistic.
  • Oh drat, I was working all afternoon - I'm so glad to hear that was on, thank you.
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    @ harpistic wrote: "I was sorry that no Jo Cox celebrations seemed to have been organised."

    Mount Pleasant Crescent residents had a Jo Cox Great Get Together street party on Sunday. It was ace.
  • @gardener-joe how did you get involved in that? I live on MPC and didn't know anything about it until i came home on Sunday. Always up for meeting the neighbours.
  • @gardener-joe Thanks so much for letting me know - I didn't see it listed in the festival details, or mentioned on here.
  • There was also a picnic in the little park on Grenville Rd - maybe doesn't quite see itself as stroud green?
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