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Maths tuition

Hi everyone,

I offer Maths tuition in Stroud Green and Crouch Area. I moved here a few months ago and I love this place and the community vibe. I have a few students already (if you are also interested in references) and I need to spread the word a little bit more :) I have a PhD in Statistical Genetics and a DBS. I love giving an extra help to children and teenagers who need somebody to help them focus and simplify the workload looking at it in a different way.
Please comment and contact me for enquiries.



  • Have you done any GWAS stats?
  • @Sutent - I have done plenty of GWAS stats, and am able to help you with this. If @lympha is not able to help you, perhaps ping me for a chat. I do not offer maths tuition but I do offer support and analysis for projects such as GWAS analysis. In common with @lympha I also have a PhD in Statistical Genetics. I now work as a consultant statistician.

    @lympha - How delightful to meet another PhD Statistical Geneticist in the area. I wonder if we know each other IRL?
  • Hello, I have two daughters who would benefit from tuition in sept if you have availability. One will be starting GCSE's, and the other is doing as level maths studies. They could do 45 minutes or an hour each. Same day? Hope to speak with you soon, thanks Tara 07796998334
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