New kids play place in Finsbury Park!!

On Wells Terrace next to Starbucks. It's a lovely little space with some soft play, ball pits, space to hire for parties.
£5 entry for kids over 12 months, £3.50 under 1. You can stay for as long as you want. No food or drinks but you can bring your own and have a picnic


  • (Not sure why the rest of my post didn't post) It's open 9.30am until 8pm. Check it out. (I'm in here as I write this post, my son is having a great time. He's 4) It's called the Play Spot (

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    Thanks for the heads up, will check it out. (Have a 4-year old and a 5-month old.)
  • Aha perfect for you then! I doesn't do food or drinks but it's right next to Starbucks so you just pop there and get provisions....
  • Wow what a great find, thank you. I have twins who are nearly four. They'll love this.
  • Sounds a bit like a commercial version of Jamboree in the Park before it got cut. Had some great times with the kids. Shame the space in the Park is not used for kids anymore
  • This place is amazing, great option for a wet day. We had it to ourselves and the kids had an amazing time. Deserves to do well, please pass the word around
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I will check this out. Looks like fun. I'll take my son too.
  • Tried this place out with our little ones over the weekend. Was pretty busy, so it seems to be doing well and there was a nice atmosphere there with friendly staff. Its not huge, but there's 3 ball-pits and our kids enjoyed themselves. I would say its v good for babies and toddlers, but not so many opportunities for running round for children older than 4 years old due to the space constraints.
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