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Corbyn Street N4 party?

Hi, does anyone know anything about a street party on Corbyn Street on Sunday 9th July? I know they have one every year for the past couple of years but no other info & I've never been. Anyone here involved in it or know anything about it?


  • Yes! There's a degree of formal organisation (I keep meaning to volunteer to help but never do), so the street is closed off and decorated, and there are miscellaneous things going on - music, performances, tango dancing, tea and coffee, silly races etc - fun for children and all fairly mellow. People living in the street are encouraged to put out tables and have lunch parties or whatever, which worked well last year despite a bit of rain (hoping for sunshine this year though). It starts around 11 in the morning and goes on until late, though not everyone makes it through to the end ...

    I don't think it's publicised beyond the street, it's more a matter of people who live here passing the word around. I'll be outside 47 and very happy to offer a drink to anyone from who feels like dropping by.

    Have just checked the leaflet and I see there's also a twitter account - @N4Corbynst - might have more detailed info by this stage.
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