Finsbury Park Redevelopment- opinions

I am doing an extended research project on the Finsbury Park redevelopment, so would be interested if you can share your opinions on the development. Do you think the city north development will be better than current? Will you miss the old finsbury park?


  • My biggest worry about Finsbury Park at the moment is the number of homeless people sleeping rough outside shops, under bridges and in the park itself. I've lived here since 2009 and have never seen things as bad as they are now.

    I don't think the City North development will make any difference to this problem unfortunately, it's down to budget cuts in support services (mental health support, addiction help etc.). Extra wealth coming into the area with the new City North residents won't change things.

  • Despite my snarkiness in the other thread, this sounds fascinating and I wish you luck.

    Given that 'current' is a massive hole in the ground, and 'previous' was some inaccessible crumbling post-war warehouses, the answer is definitely yes. There are certainly problems with the plans - mostly the housing mix - but the quality of the architecture and planned streetscaping is top-notch and it will really open up that area.
  • How many of the properties will be owned of shore and not habited
  • Up Stroud green road recently, approached by 2 blokes separately looking for money, one fair hair bloke is up and down all day long!
  • If people actually live in City North it might be better. If It's all empty investment properties I'd rather have the old yoga studio, craft workshop and interesting businesses in the old City North building.
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  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I think very few people would but flats as an investment and not let them out. I think it will transform the area. Judging by the alarm of some members of this forum at the arrival of pret a manger I think the change will shock people as the ripple effect will spread out to places like fonthill road which with its large pavements and trees could be gentrified / homogenized. I think the change will be good overall but it will feel very different and a lot more like central London. There will be more chain shops.
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  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    @kreuzkav I did respect the passion in your initial comment before you edited it.
  • Fonthill Road has special planning restrictions to prevent homogenisation. I expect we'll end up with more chains immediately around the station though. If that includes a decent supermarket and a Boots (to stop my missus complaining) then it might not be a terrible thing.

  • Thanks Grenners. Basically the same agreement but with a few swear words in. I'm trying to avoid being so angry about the development. It's happening, things change.
  • There's a Boots in Crouch End @Arkady. Probably same distance as the station from your house.
  • Yeah but in the wrong direction.
  • @Eliz @Arkady @Ali @kittygal @miss annie @grenners @kreuzkav Thanks so much to all, it's so useful to have some primary research done!
  • The question is to what extent the City North development will impact Fonthill road and the area around the Wells Terrace bus station in particular. It already has, to an extent, with the closed-off tube entrance (see lots of previous rightfully teeth-gnashing threads) making the bus station more closed off towards the "back" and closing several businesses, but I wonder what will happen with the cinema and multiple chain restaurants inevitably occupying the new site, and how it impacts independent shops and restaurants.

    Another question is what happens if it's not as successful as the developers plan it to be. By 2019 the Brexit-induced economic downturn will have hit in a way that they couldn't have anticipated. What will happen if the shiny new development (with huge costs to recoup in rent) ends up standing empty? Will that make the area less safe in itself than the status quo?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    It won't be empty because i am led to believe Waitrose have signed up and on the back of that more will follow providing Waitrose have signed up. They do not build these things entirely at risk. Anyway the owner will let the units to someone even at low rent to avoid a negative cash flow of paying vacant business rates and service charge. They are in zone 2 so must be lettable at some rent with a tube exit opposite.

  • The only thing that closes shops is people not shopping there. If you want a high street full of indies, spend money in them. If you all go to Waitrose instead you will end up with an SGR full of chains.
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