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hi all. a client of mine informed me that the recording studio by crouch hill station, opposite the nobel got ram raided recently during the night with equipment stolen. Theres also been up to roughly 25 phone muggings around the same area crouch hill with guys on bikes targeting people. The laundry was also broken into. Please be vigilant.


  • Thank you! I commute from there, so it's good to get the heads-up.
  • @mountpelephant what's your source for the muggings? Are there more details?
  • my client informed me after he was nearly mugged by a guy on a bike. The police don't seem interested in assisting on the matter.
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  • Up to roughly 25 muggings, is that in an unspecified time period?
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    I saw today on Twitter (@rogersahota) that a bike phone thief was caught yesterday afternoon in Albert Road - apparently by a dog.

    Raj, any further on this?????
  • Yes. A young lad was taken into custody. He and another on bicycles allegedly snatched a phone from a young woman near Jacks. She chased them into Albert Road where Tyson happened to be on his rounds. I saw the aftermath and was there when the police arrived. It is a bit of problem so I'd suggest people be wary when on their mobiles in the area.
  • My friend was mugged on Crouch Hill on Friday evening (July 7th) by two lads on a bike. Luckily she managed to hang on to her phone but was a bit upset by it.
    I'm fed up with all the crime in the area and constantly being harassed by beggars and drug addicts. I had a guy come into our garden and tap on our front window the other evening asking if I had any change!
    I've lived in the area 13 years and it feels like things are getting worse. I had to sell my Vespa recently as it was being targeted by thieves week after week. We're at the point where we feel like moving out of the area.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    It is bad. Every time I sit outside Stapleton Tavern of an evening guaranteed someone asks me for money. Luckily I have not yet experienced any crime but hanging out on Stroud Green Road there are inevitably beggars. Must be worse than before.
  • I know begging is (unfortunately) banned in this country, but it seems very harsh to equate begging and indeed drug addiction with mugging. In my experience most beggars are polite and people in genuinely extremely dire circumstances, whether through addiction or as victims of the crazy housing situation and extreme benefit cuts. They're not the cause of any problems, but as much victims as the ones who get their phones snatched.
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    People move to 'edgy' areas in the full belief that they will not be targeted despite paying more money then many of the 'locals' can afford as it is deemed 'edgy'.

    Just read online reviews of real pubs. I love the normal patronising description that they are full of 'locals' or that people dare to drink fosters.

    I've met people who have been mugged in Hackney and think it is ok, it was just their turn (wow).
  • I was surprised by the amount of people off their head on either booze or pharmaceuticals, begging for change, whilst walking up from Finsbury Park a couple of nights ago. Have they been moved on from somewhere?
  • The phone mugging on bikes thing is clearly a craze going round the whole of London at the moment.

    There are definitely a few more beggars around - and London is definitely suffering from more homelessness.

    Maybe the perception of the increase in begging in Stroud Green is higher than the actual rise. Could be because a lot of people now have to walk under the bridge, whereas before they would have gone straight into Wells Terrace entrance and exit.

    caveat: that is a purely anecdotal made up suggestion - I have no data.
  • There's about 26 pages of purely anecdotal made up statistics on another thread on this forum, the subject of which i cannot even bear to type.

    I know that Camden were literally removing beggers and dumping them at the Islington border a while back, that may have increased the volume.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I think the bridge works and lower traffic volumes under the bridge increase the appeal of sitting under there. I used to give more to beggars years ago as I had much more change and didn't mind dumping small denomination coins. These days I rarely have any change as I pay for everything contact less. Do beggars have to ask more people to get their cash these days? Anyway it seems to be all the way up Stroud Green Road. I have a tendency to stand outside pubs and talk to some of them so I get what I deserve. At least I'm not lying when I say I have no change.
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