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Alleged drug dealing near Bike Sheds on SG Road

I've had a few queries about this so here is a reply from our local neighborhood PC Sheffield.

Good Morning Ward Member,

During the last Ward Panel meeting concerns were raised regarding the drug issues in Finsbury Park. As you are aware this is not part of the Stroud Green Ward.
I have contacted the officer who covers the area to get an update of police actions so far.

Below is a response from the officer….


We have been aware of the problem for some time and try to get down to the area next to the Art hut as often as we can but this is not every
Working day because of other demands on our Ward.

We have arrested people loitering there for possession of cannabis during our patrols recently and generally disrupt them and move them on

Due to limited resources (Two officers) and the fact that there are large groups loitering we are currently conducting joint operations with British Transport Police
And have had one arrested For possession with intent to supply the last operation.

We have also had Operation Hayle officers that are tasked with Ducketts Common patrolling Finsbury Park in plain clothes and will continue to get them when we can
however the problem at Ducketts Common at the far North of our Ward is a greater problem and ties up resources

Other joint operations with British Transport Police are planned, the next one near the end of March but obviously do not wish to make the date public.

We are also in the process of trying to arrange for the gate near Stroud Green Road to be closed at dusk the same as others in the park.
We hope this will prevent people Using the park in the dark as a shortcut to the Station and therefore putting themselves at risk

This could take time as initial discussions show the gate to have been badly planned. It takes two people to shut it and the Local
Authority have only one person closing park gates (therefore it is against health and safety)

The possibility of funding a smaller gate either into the larger gate or separately is now being looked at. It may be funding could be got as it is believed it could
assist crowd control during concerts


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