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Tai chi chuan - New term

Dear All,

Pleased to announce a new 10 week session of Tai Chi Chuan to begin 12/07/17.
Wednesday 6.30 – 8pm,

Mind in Haringey
Station House
73c Stapleton hall road
London, N4 3QF

£50 for 10 week block or £7 drop in
MIND service users : £10 for the 10 week term or £3 for drop in.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a martial art system originating from China that is based on a series of gentle movements. It incorporates softness & looseness into functional exercise and is one of the ‘softer’ Chinese martial arts. There is an emphasis on yielding & neutralising rather than attacking. As such Tai Chi does not rely on ordinary ideas of strength. This makes it accessible to a wider age & fitness range than harder styles

The general benefits of Tai Chi are:

General fitness
Mental & physical relaxation
General strength building
Agility & flexibility
Calmness & mental focus
It is a very adaptable system suitable for young & old alike

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