Granville road - noise nuisance Nightmare noise

There is a house in Granville road where there is a party with loud music till late.
I don't how the next door neighbours can stand that, I'm on the opposite road and it disturbes me.
I have a small baby who wakes up crying as there is creaming and noise at 2.30am now (8 Jul, sat).
Is there a way to stop that???
Not sure exact house number, but next to N4 gas I think.
Very annoyed now!

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  • How awful. If it happens again I've got this from the council website: If you are being disturbed by noise happening now call if you would like help on 020 8489 1335 during office hours or 020 8489 0000 evenings and weekends
  • Margren, you might not be able to get this resolved immediately and the council will very likely want you to keep a log of the disturbances (date, time noise started, time it finished, what sort of noise it was), which you should probably start keeping right away.

    Your other neighbours might be suffering in silence. Good luck with getting the problem resolved.
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    I had similar problem with a neighbour. I'm in Islington and past midnight they sent the noise team out straight away. Neighbours ended up with an ASBO. Always phone to report it, I imagine they will be pretty speedy to deal with it if you have a small child.
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    Will this work at 4am? Around our part of the parish we have one particular family of anti-social idiots who occasionally like to walk their dogs and loudly yell abuse at each other under our window in the small hours - sometimes for hours at a time. Probably off their heads. Have video but don’t fancy a bricking.
  • Yes, any time. They will want to come into your bedroom to take a noise reading to determine whether it is genuinely affecting your sleep. If it is not affecting your sleep but is just annoying, the pro was of dealing with it may take longer.
  • And what is the pro way of dealing with it? ;-)
  • They'll go over and warn them if the noise is deemed to be above the level for sleeping. The noise team will call the police to remove music equipment etc. if it's really bad. Continued nuisance results in police caution, ASBO, fines etc.
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    And there is a loud party again... 1am. Luckily I can close the window and it's not too bad ... but how the next door neighbours cope???
    Had complaint summer time with no response at all btw. Feel sorry for ppl next door. It's like a proper DJ party
  • Hang on. Is it just a party every three months? And at the weekend?
    That's not bad is it?
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    Well, in summer it was much more often. I'm ok with it now, but in summer when you have a kid who wakes up at 2am due to music and you can't open your windows is a bit inconsiderate, is it? Plus it's not just a party. They play music in the garden by the sound of it, and after midnight it's a bit too much, isn't it? I just feel sorry for the next door neighbours, really. For us it's bearable after all.
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