Where were the parking wardens during Wireless?

Did anyone actually see wardens controlling the extra restrictions placed on parking this weekend? There was a fancy Mercedes parked in front of my house all afternoon without any kind of permit and it didn't attract a ticket. On an ordinary CPZ day the wardens would've been on it within five minutes.


  • We parked a hire car outside our house for well over an hour as we were loading up and faffing about and, although we were fretting about getting a parking ticket, there was no one to be seen.
  • Someone on Corbyn St got a ticket yesterday, for not having moved their car during street closure hours. So maybe that's where the wardens were.
  • This is the first time I have ever seen anyone talking about a lack of traffic wardens on this website.
    Did the Mercedes cause you any problems Luirette? Presumably it was just parked there. I didn't notice any parking issues in terms of lack of space over the weekend.
    I don't really object to people parking if it isn't causing major problems.
    Also Islington signs seemed to be indicating only a match day (ie event) on Saturday not Sunday.
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