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Planning permission and/or permitted development


I'd like to erect a screening fence on my balcony/terrace but I'm not quiet sure if I can do it freely or if I've to ask Haringey first. I've read a few things on their web portal regarding permitted development but I didn't find my answer.

I'm living inside the conservation area and the balcony/terrace fence will be seen from the main road, so it's on the front of the building.

Anybody is an expert? Any opinions?
Thanks very much


  • These guys are a good place to start:

    If you're just putting up a bamboo screen or similar I'd think you'd be fine. if it's a more permanent, fixed fence then it would probably fall into planning.

    Depending on the site I'd consider creating a screen with some sympathetic planting in pots. e.g.:,-0.1120096,3a,75y,358.35h,82.54t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4fSDx3X7kvnZcfoBBvq6vg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!5m1!1e2

    or (worth seeing in person),-0.1093697,3a,71.3y,270.99h,114.26t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s76I3455wqb1urQ5y-2E_7A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!5m1!1e2

  • Hi Arkady! Thanks for your message. I know both places you recommended to see. I'm passing by quiet often.

    I'll definitely add any plants but I still need a screening fence first. It will also provide a bit of shadow for the plants, as it's facing south most of them are drying.

    I'll read carefully the Stroud green CAAC at first. Thanks for this!

    Any others opinions/ideas are ore than welcome.

  • The Stroud Green Conservation Area is in place, ostensibly, for controlling development. Very few things require specific planning permission according to the Conservation Area (CA) documents, beyond the generally applied restrictions, except where they are visible from the street. So, be aware if your addition is visible from the street.

    A rare specific in the CA document is about street-visible satellite dishes needing planning permission , while replacement windows doors seemingly don't, bur so far as I can tell, Haringey doesn't follow up on this one in our CA. Indeed, my sense is that they don't really enforce much in terms of CA requirements.

    ["Err/ That's enough low-level grumbling!" Ed.]
  • Enforcement is poor. Pretty sure replacement windows and doors require planning permission though - certainly dealt with plenty of apps for that in my time on the CAAC, and saw plenty (for PVC) rejected by the council.
  • Hi Gardener-Joe,

    Thanks for these comments. The addition will be visible from the street that's the thing. But it won't be an awful addition, that would hopefully be covered by ivy or any plants soon.

    I'll get in touch with them and I'll provide them picture to have their opinions on this.

  • edited July 19
    @Arkady, when I read the Conservation Area docs relating to Stroud Green I see lists of specifics about what does and does not require planning permission. As far as I know the information in these documents has not been changed since the initial consultation and implementation.
    Certainly, the lack of enforcement about what is proscribed makes rather a mockery ...
    Anyhow, keep up your good work.

    "Alterations to windows and doors, and painting the outside of a house do not require planning permission unless there is an Article 4 Direction in place, provided that materials and appearance area similar to those of the original construction."

    It's the second half of the sentence that's key - if you're trying to swap wooden sash for PVC then you're in trouble, or should be.

    Islington does have an Article 4 direction in place, so all changes of window should require permission even if you're not in a conservation area.
  • Note also:

    "Flats do not have any permitted development rights so permission is required for all works that are not like-for-like replacements or that might change the appearance of the building. This includes changes to the windows."
  • edited July 19
    "An Article 4 Direction is made by the local planning authority. It restricts the scope of permitted development rights either in relation to a particular area or site, or a particular type of development anywhere in the authority's area."

    Is this Article 4 Direction in place for the Haringey-managed Stroud Green Conservation Area?

    In any case it seems to relate to (re)development of land and/or buildings rather than the routine maintenance of buildings or replacement of existing doors, windows, drainpipes, hedges, walls, paint colour, or even - why, oh why do it? - painting over the external brickwork of a whole building; an aggregious 2-fingers to conservation sensibilities for sure.

    So in Haringey's Stroud Green you can freely paint your whole house a ghastly canary yellow, or shiny gloss white - walk along Mount Pleasant Crescent - but you need to pay a planning fee for permission to replace your windows?

    Interesting ...

    Apols to all for this slightly tetchy and tedious grumbling, but I do feel better for sharing! Thx all.

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