Introducing Jerkmaica

Oak & Hearth is no more... Jerkmaica's SGR's all-new jerk and roti bar (est '04) will be opening in its place imminently.


  • So is it not linked to Oven & Hearth? Surely they didn't waste all that money on experimenting to close up?

    I'll stick with Granny's personally although I have also seen the other Jerkmaica next to Banners.
  • I can recommend the somewhat new Roti Joupa in the awkward little shack next to the minicab office opposite the car wash, if we're talking caribbean places.

    Still, interesting to see this attempt. I wonder if they can compete with the quality of Lulu's and the convenience of Granny's? I'm always weary of over-designed chain places.
  • PS. Looking at the web site of the new place there's an awful lot of talk about "15 hour slow cooked smoked jerk brisket" and the like. I'd not be surprised if it was still the Oven & Hearth folks continuing their experiment.
  • Heard good things about Lulu's myself.

    Used to be a pie and mash shop.
  • Lulu's is nice - it's more upscale (or rather midscale, in the sort of £15-for-a-main-course range) and offers more of a white-table-cloth dining experience, but with genuine, high-quality caribbean food that's not been watered down. I've been three or four times and it's consistently excellent, and their rum sorrel and homemade ginger beer are both amazing.
  • Is Lulu the former Hummingbird?
  • Bewees used to be great located on what is needed the original part of Petals on the left as you look at it. The right hand side they expanded into used to be a pretty good flock wallpaper Indian
  • So Lulu's is good? I might have to try. I can't recommend Granny's curry goat, rice and peas highly enough. It's stew meat, so a bit bony and gristly, but really, really delicious and flavourful, and a generous portion for all of £4 (lunch special).
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    I have to say that Roti Joupa is amaaaaxing. Try the doubles. So bloody good. I have personally travelled to Clapham to get to Roti Joupa. Nearly cried when I say they were right down the street.
  • they also have a branch in crouch end..
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Never seen anyone in Roti Joupa. Place looks like a dody old shed. Is it really any good?
  • I went to the Crouch End branch of Jerkmaica yesterday because of this thread. I have to say I wasn't expecting much, but the food was absolutely sensational - really impressed. I had the goat roti, which was incredible and the beef Sunday roast, which was also very good. Looking forward to having it on Stroud Green Road - really great addition
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    Sounds like a big dinner?

    I went to Banners last night and Jerkmaica looked shut?
  • I'm guessing it hasn't opened yet? The sign was only changed last week, I think.
  • I'm talking about the one next to Banners, as is the OP.
  • It was a big dinner!! But I was also sharing it, so wasn't as much as it sounds.
  • @HolbornFox No, the OP (myself) is talking about the one a few doors up from Tesco on SGR. I haven't been living in London for the last few years, so I hadn't heard of Banners till you mentioned it.
  • aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    @grenners It truly and honestly is. Roti Joupa is not Jamaican food like the other places, but Trinidadian, with all the Indian influences that entails - and the stews and fillings (both vegetable and meat-based) are amazing. Pity about the location, but it's worth the inconvenience.
  • Some of my best food memories are from Trinidad. As @Thirdeariespace says, the hybrid of Afro-Caribbean and Indian cuisine is really quite something. I'm excited.

    Glastonbury Festival has a phenomenal food stall called Jerkmania - I wonder whether it's the same guys.
  • Anyone been yet? I think it's been open for a week or so.
  • Nope, will try to soon, but it has looked busier than I've ever seen that place under Rub or Oven & Hearth.
  • We went there the other day a bit randomly and it was a great surprise.
    Really enjoyed the food!
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