Overground woes extended - two longer closures planned


  • Chin up, @Thirdeariespace . Is the bus replacement service that bad?

    I'm a very occasional user of the line. The electrification is sad, but no doubt necessary. I used to like the old diesels in the 1990s that chugged and purred along so mellifluously. Standing on the platform at Crouch Hill, it used to sound as if an ice-cream van was coming down the line.

    Still, it's a strange cock-up about the structures intended to hold the overhead lines. Not the sort of mistake you'd expect an engineer (or team of engineers) to make. They're engineers, after all. You know; all about details, precision, and checking and double-checking things. Followers of St Exactitude-the-pedantic. Engineers! Not poets, postmen, or pornographers. Engineers! People who do things by the book, always put the handbrake on, and even get out of the shower to take a pee.

    So I wonder if the management overseeing (and presumably coordinating) the project lack the requisite engineering knowledge or thoroughness.
  • I think the problem was the organisation of the event in the brewery.
  • It has been announced that the work on the extension of 4.5km to Barking Riverside will start next summer not sure of completion date. 10.800 houses are being built there.
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