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Adventure playgrounds

My daughter turns 6 this week which I believe is the minimum age for Islington's adventure playgrounds. Has anyone used these? Are they fun? Do you really just drop them off and leave them, or can you/should you stay with the younger ones? Does it matter that we're not Islington residents?


  • My 13 year old has been going to Timbuktu in Grenville Rd since she was about 7 - I'm not sure if that or 6 is minimum age. It's been great for her in general, though she's pretty much growing out of it now. Friends, independence, slightly exciting things like bonfires or water fights though always supervised, also tortoises and rabbits (not sure if the rabbit is still about though!). Indoor and outdoor space, and quite a lot of craft, cookery etc going on. I don't know about other islington centres but in relation to questions -

    You do just drop them off and leave them - in fact you aren't allowed to stay, though obviously you can chat with the staff as you come and go ...

    It doesn't matter not being in Islington as far as I know. I've added in visiting children from time to time. You fill in a form with contact details and medical info and so on, and that's it.

    A few cons: advertised opening times can be erratic, if they're short staffed or if there are very few kids there. This is partly because they have to have a qualified person on site at all times, which is good, but if that person is late it doesn't open till they arrive! How much the child enjoys being there can depend who else is around, and it can be nice to have a friend to go with - though they seem to make friends quickly enough. You can't really depend on it for holiday cover because of relatively short hours; it's fine if you're at home but doesn't cover a job.

    Overall though it's a great facility, and amazing to get several hours free childcare a day - and the people running it are good.
  • It sounds too good to be true! Thanks for all the information. It's definitely 6 that's the minimum age. I'll see if she fancies popping along to check it out - and see if any friends want to join her too.
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