Stroud Green market Promo Help needed!

Dear All,
I've written recently about our new market which Starts on September the 10th at Stroud Green primary school. Thank you to everyone who's been enthusiastic with support & helpful suggestions! I'm very excited about it & hope it'll be a real benefit to this community.

The preparations are going well & we're going to put on a good show, with around 20 stalls to start with.

What's of the greatest importance, though, is that we get the word about & tell as many people as possible that it's happening. If it's well promoted & enough people come to visit in the first month, then the news should spread naturally & the market will hopefully thrive & eventually become a real fixture.

If any of you can help in this, I'd be grateful. Anything you can do will be valuable & I'd welcome all suggestions, but the following are my ideas:

1) I've got 5000 leaflets to give away, and I'll be around & about in the next month trying to get rid of them. If you'd take a few, either to give to friends, leave in a local shop, or give to a community group to raise awareness, please get in touch, or just tell me where'd be good & I'll drop them off myself.

2) The same goes for posters & banners. I can't just put them on railings & lamp posts, but shop windows, the windows/front doors of houses, and local notice boards, would be great. If anyone would allow me to do this or has a clever idea...just say!

3) The website is
twitter: @stroudgrmarket
instagram: @stroudgreenmarket

Shares, likes, follows & comments on all of these...much appreciated!

4) Finally (and easiest of all, but probably most important): please just tell anyone & keep talking about it. If you're in touch with any groups, forums, societies etc, do let them know (I'm actually very interested in local groups having stalls, though I know this is hard to organise).

This might be a lot to ask, especially as I haven't anything to offer in return, except thanks, no action of any sort is too little to be helpful & appreciated by me.

Thank you all very much!

from Ed


  • Hmmm*. Now it's just a market, as opposed to a farmers' market? This has the whiff of stalls selling stolen cell phones, dead batteries, and "continental" DVDs.

    Should you wish to revert to the previous title, I offer you a free, unlimited supply of apostrophes for your judicious employment.

    * On second thoughts, aaargh!
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  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    If you are gonna moan like that Scruffy no-one will be your friend. The market sounds fantastic.
  • Scruffy: thanks a million! You can put the missing word down to laziness. On the other hand, if you've any stolen batteries to sell, get in touch...
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    Pfff! I didn't know this site was supposed to be a ckin' vicar's tea party.

    @gardener-joe and @grenners , I'm just wary, hoping that this will be a decent farmers' market (which is what so many of us—myself included—have been enthusing about.) I reserve my right to be suspicious just as you have a right to wet your knickers in undiluted enthusiasm. I'm not "moaning" about anything (other than, indirectly, the usual shitty open air markets you often get in London). After all, a plain "market"—as it's suddenly being called here—is hardly the same as a farmers' market; I'd just like to be sure there's no bait-and-switch going on here.

    I'm sure that if he's honest, @ned can take this without being offended.
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