Lidl bag

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I don't suppose we shall ever know the true identity of the unsung hero of today's "bomb". Namely the shy and retiring plain white bucket.

But, there is also outside the bucket a Lidl bag. Whenever I've been to FP Lidl the queues have always been too big, but I was hoping someone else might have had more luck: my first thought was that that is a branded freezer bag, but the internet seems to think it is a bag-for-life. So, does anyone have one of those bags & can settle this?

I've been through quite a few Tesco/Sainsbury bag for lifes and can't imagine them doing very well in an "explosion" (never mind the Aldi one which fell apart mid-shop). If that is a BFL I might actually go and try one.
  1. Is the bag a1 vote
    1. Lidl Bag For Life
    2. Lidl Branded Freezer Bag


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