Events in the park 23-24 Sept 2017

I haven't seen any flyers or notices, but there are 2 music festivals in Finsbury Park this weekend: Mind where you park!


  • I'm surprised - nobody on here whinging about it - even though the sound is carrying over into SG - possibly as a result of the weather conditions.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    It's better not to think about it.
  • The sound is much, much louder than previous events. Yes, it's possibly the still weather, but it's a shame to have to shut my windows on such a nice day.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Annoying noise, but even more annoying was the absolute mess SGR was in this morning overturned bins, planters, torn-open bin bags, and bottles everywhere.

    ...Maybe I'm officially 'old.'
  • Looks like I'm officially old too, because I've tried to log a noise complaint and no one is answering..

    I have absolutely no problem with the occasional festival in the park, but if I remember rightly it was the same festival last year that took the piss noise-wise. Can't imagine what it's like if you live right by the park.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    @CityOfSin - Care to share the noise complaint number? If this is a recurring issue, I'd like to lodge a complaint as well.
  • I'm near Crouch Hill and it's definitely louder than other festivals. I can hear virtually every beat.
  • @CityOfSin the emergency noise team only deal with noise nuisance in anti social hours - after midnight.
  • According to the letter we got from the organisers explaining how the event works received on 4 th sept the noise complaints hotline is 01749 574 015 for litter etc 01749 574 013 all calls are at local rate
    It's just lots of folks having some fun. Not sure what's wrong with that. Zippos circus next.v
  • It certainly is louder than all previous ones and I'm at the foot of Crouch Hill. I think it goes to 22:30 - joy!
  • 10pm according to the letter I got because it is Sunday
  • "It's just lots of folks having some fun. Not sure what's wrong with that."

    —Don't be such a naive cretin, @Ali. Some other "folks" don't care for hours and hours of bass noise on a day when it would be nice to enjoy some peace and quiet in the garden or just have windows open. This "fun" imposes unnecessary noise pollution on an entire neighbourhood.
  • Hey scruffy name calling is not necessary. All quiet now it is after 10.
  • Sorry for the late reply @_Bee - it was the number Ali gave (not the ASBO team @miss annie is talking about).

    Again, no problem with the festivals in general, but they should abide by the noise rules.

    On a positive note, it looked like the clean up team did a decent job - the area around the station doesn't look any worse than normal.
  • Difficult not to resort to name calling when you're being such a twit, @Ali.

    Indeed, if we don't have to put up with unreasonable disruption (such as the noise or a big chunk of the the park being closed of for several days), and they clean up after themselves and make good any damage, I'm all for it, especially as it supposedly makes money for maintaining the park. But this has not been (entirely) the case so far.

    Put a sound-insulating roof over the whole event or stick it in the underground reservoir, then the buggers can have enough noise to make their ears bleed for all I care.

    Perhaps one day there'll be minimal amplification to the air, and if they want it louder, attenders can wear Bluetooth headphones with volume controls.
  • I have to say this particular concert was much louder than usual. I have young children and my 2 year old was crying at being unable to sleep through the thumping bass clearly audible in his room. Not cool.
  • There is going to be a massive Liam Gallagher event next June 29th.

    Oasis were great when they played Finsbury Park quite a few years ago
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