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Poetry group: Verlaine and Baudelaire, The White Lion, Tuesday 3rd October, 8pm

As the group didn't get far with Verlaine last time, we'll be doing him again, with some Baudelaire poems as well.

First the new links for Baudelaire:

Spleen (translated by our friend Robert Lowell)

Metamorphoses of a Vampire (4th translation, by Jacques LeClercq)

The Voice (1st translation, by William Aggeler)

One O'Clock in the Morning'Clock-in-the-Morning

The Swan

And for convenience, the Verlaine choices from the last session:

a) 1874 “It Rains in my heart” in Arriettes oublies III

b) 1883 “Langeur/Languor”- in Jadis et Naguère

c) 1888 “Sleeping Beauty Dreams” -in Amour Lucien Letinois X1


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