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Clever Mike's bikes - Hornsey Road

I'm sure they've probably been mentioned on here before but just wanted to put in a mention for Clever Mike's Bikes on Hornsey Road (in one of the small industrial units between Fairbridge Road and Marlborough Road). I've needed to use them couple of times in recent weeks and they were really helpful and approachable, and charged very reasonable price. They even helped sort out one problem on my bike free of charge, so I feel compelled to do my bit to promote them. Great local business and v lucky to have them nearby!


  • I am a fan of them, too.
    Dead nice people.
  • edited October 2017
    not wanting to take away from this, but for anyone looking for bike advice and service i would ALSO recommend micycle opposite the Londis on SG end of ferme park road. lovely folk and reasonable too. so looks like we have two great choices and never have to visit DHEvans which can only be a very good thing.
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