external house repairs and painting

Hi I need to get the outside of the the house we live in painted and some of the woodwork under the roof guttering repaired. Has anyone had this done and can recommend anyone? There seem to be loads of internal decorator recommendations on her but not for outside

thanks in advance


  • My landlord recently had some exterior painting (windows, porch) done by a local chap Mr Cornish and his brother, and I'd say the end result looks good, and they were tidy and efficient in the process. Though since I wasn't paying, I've got no idea on cost etc.

    Before anyone rushes to point out this is a first-time post... No, I don't have any connection to these guys. I just remember their name and thought they did a decent job.
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  • Thanks @romeoyjulieta I'd like to be able to use someone local and the management company always want to use big firms from miles away. just struggling to find one so will look mr cornish up
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