Bike theft

A friend just had his bike stolen from outside FP station. It was secured with a brand new D lock. I'm a bit surprised someone targeted a bike with a D lock on, does anyone know about this - are modern forged steel locks so easy to break in broad daylight? Does it depend on the brand? Have they been compromised? What's the best way to lock a bike?


  • There is no lock that cannot be broken or cut, more locks is the only way to deter people.

    Also people i know just ride old bikes, as do i.
  • Ride an old bike (as suggested) and always park it next to (a) a nicer looking bike and/or (b) one with an inferior lock. Twenty three years on, I still have my bike.
  • When I had my bike nicked years ago (from outside British library & covered by CC TV) police told me some of the local Kings Cross kids had a battery powered mini angle grinder that fitted in a rucksack. At least it is a bit more visually noticeable than a quick snip with some bolt cutters. It happened the day after I cleaned the bike, so it looked better than it was. Now I never clean my commuting bike (except brakes and drive train).

    I now also have it registered on which is free, although I paid for the radio tags too. Given the cost of a bike, a few extra quid on stuff to scare off thieves seems reasonable. I don’t know if thieves notice them, but if they are presented with two bikes, one of which is covered in security tags…
  • Where at the station was it? On the racks or the railings (which people now have to use as the useless station management haven't put in more racks after closing Wells Terrace.)
  • yeah, maybe TFL took it because it was in the wrong place...
  • Kryptonite lock versus bolt cutter:
  • Someone tried to steal my bicycle outside Finsbury Park tube about a year ago, in full daylight with witnesses and a policeman standing about 100 yards away. Fortunately all they succeeded in doing was twisting the D-lock about, so that I couldn't open it again. The policeman handily came over with a hammer to get it open, so I guess the lock can be opened with a hammer.
    Unfortunately thieves finally succeeded in stealing my bicycle from outside my house this week :(
  • I don't think TFL are removing bikes and also apparently the bike parking issue isn't them, it's the railway. I did complain to TFL and someone actually called me and said they would put pressure on the station and get them to contact me - they didn't.
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