Blue Badge Fraud

I am increasingly frustrated at the amount of blatant Blue badge fraud I am witnessing. I get no responses back from Islington council col when I report serial offenders.

Loading your car with builders waste = not disabled
Parking your car daily in my street when you have no disability. Can you not get a pass as you are also illegally subletting a council property. This is theft! What services would Islington provide with the £200 you are stealing from them by not paying for a car permit.

Rant over.


  • Actual blue badge holder here.. thank you for flagging this. Blue badge theft is up which sounds annoying. Having had one stolen before I can tell you it’s a tedious nightmare. I’m a wheelchair user so arriving back to a car with a smashed window and glass all over the road and in the car, on the seats in the carpet. This results in numerous little slices to the hands from glass embedded my wheelchair tyres. I also had a parking ticket. Contested and cancelled, then a new application for blue badge, and where do you park a car that’s not got a window whilst you wait for auto glass?
    I have been known however to load builders waste but there is something of the wheelbarrow about me.
  • I would be very careful about judging peoples disabilities. Many people have non visible disabilities such as mental health illness. There are of course always people who abuse any system, but the majority of blue badge holders are genuine.
  • That's awful. Very lenient punishment too. A little under a grand for using a stolen blue badge pass? Seems like a let off to me.
  • That all depends on what value a £1000 is for the person paying the fine. It is more than two weeks wages for someone on minimum wage
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    14 years is the maximum sentence for handling stolen goods.
  • And what is the value of the parking tickets and vouchers that they've saved through using it? Plus whomever it was stolen from is a disabled person who really needs it, which makes the crime even worse.
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