Dogs in cafes and restaurants

Does anyone know what the actual law is regarding allowing #dogs in cafes and restaurants in the UK?
A cafe near me was visited by borough food safety inspectors today & told they cannot allow dogs in and have to put a 'no dogs' sticker on the door
All the fresh food in this cafe is behind screens on the counter or in fridges. None of it is near the floor. Packets and tins all sealed.
Yet there are many cafes and restaurants here exactly the same that allow dogs and have done for years, all inspected with 5 star ratings
Some actually advertise as 'dog friendly' and even market themselves as 'dog cafes'!
So does it depend on the borough, the bye-law or is it all at the whim and discretion of the inspector - if he^she doesn't like dogs?
WHAT IS THE ACTUAL LAW? Does anyone know? #dogs #dogs in cafes #dogfriendly @haringeycouncil @islingtongztte @IslingtonBC


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