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Poetry Group: Kipling, Nov 14th, with Special Guest

The next Poetry Group session at the White Lion on Nov 14th will be on Rudyard Kipling, with a Special Guest - the poet’s biographer Andrew Lycett.

Andrew will introduce the poet and ‘lead’ the session, and the format of reading/discussion will be the same as usual. He has made his own selection of poems to include some ‘less obvious’ as well as some of the classics:

Danny Deever



Harp Song of the Dane Women

My Boy Jack


We and They

Buddha at Kamakura

My Rival Poems/Kipling/my_rival.htm

Merrow Down

The Two-Sided Man

We may not get through all of them - perhaps we can take a selection. I think we will see a side to Kipling different to the usual 'empire jingoist' reading that keeps him off most bookshelves today. In case anyone wants to explore further, Andrew has also sent a list of poems recommended for 'further reading’:

Chartres Window
The Exile Line
Hymn of Breaking Strain
The Last Rhyme of True Thomas
a bit from M'Andrew's Hymn
The Way through the Woods
Tin Fish
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