Wanting to Hire Rehearsal Space in Local Area

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Think I was last on here the last time I was doing a play. I wondered if anyone had any good leads for hiring space by the week for play rehearsals? We'd like to be near to Park Theatre but anywhere up to Crouch End and down towards Highbury would be good. I've had a look at the usual suspects in terms of online venue hire but I was thinking of less well known community spaces or pub/restaurant spare rooms who may have daytime availability.

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    Have you tried Hornsey Vale community centre? At the edge of your range - Mayfield Rd - but on bus routes and very reasonable rates for the big hall. No stage, and not sure about daytimes, but worth checking out - hornseyvale.org.
  • Try Stroud Green School - not sure what they have during the day, but it may be an option, and is close to the Park Theatre.
  • For weeklong rehearsals, try New Diorama's ND2. Not exactly in the area, but more realistic - any community space or rehearsal space is likely to be in use during the week.
  • Thank you all. Hornsey Vale Community Centre does look good and would be great to work with a local school, although suspect that term time would be an issue.
  • Another place to consider is ArtsAdmin, of course, as their preference is for week-long rehearsals. Lovely though Stroudy is, it's not the artists' haven we all want it to be (i.e. with copious options for rehearsal space) :wink:
  • There's a list of venues to hire on Islington Council's website, which includes the Cape Youth project on Parkland Walk and a venue in Gillespie Park. Hornsey Town Hall?
  • Thank you @harpistic and @trainspotter These are all ones that I haven't seen before.
  • The side hall at the Earl Haig in Crouch End - the bit where they have gigs and the jumble sale.
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