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So after ruining my svelte figure and haemorrhaging my bank balance for a couple of weeks, this is what I have learned \ remembered:

The Swimmers is absolutely thriving and have Paulaner Hefe-Weißbier Naturtrüb back on, this is definitely one of the top 5 German beers in my opinion.

They also have Titanic stout on which is like (good) Guinness in texture but actually has flavour, loads of other keg beers and a few ales as well, all kept in good condition.

Burgers are lovely and only about £10. i had the chickpea and lentil, with 10 pints.


Tom is back in the N19!

The new Thai \ Nepalese food looks lovely, have not tried it but hear it is nice.

Can also recommend the open mike night, some real talent there.


The Edward Lear appears to have worked out it is in N19 and not SW19.

Not a silver tray in sight, much cheaper and bar staff even capable of conversation.

Good beer selection as well, mainly keg.


The excellent manageress has left The Landseer for pastures new, let’s hope they keep up the good work, they have stopped selling the lovely anchovy and caper pizza for some reason.


I think I got charged £5.80 for a wheat beer in Yeats, it was good though.


The Harringay Arms is reopening as... The Harringay Arms.

Apparently it will feature Draught and Craft, Tap Room, Pizza, bookable space and good times, let’s hope they don’t add board games to that list (one can hope).


Further afield I see that Fullers are shaking the sterile stick the Harp and Churchill Arms now the excellent Guvnor (Churchill) and Guvness (Harp) have retired.

The Blue Posts, Star and Garter, King and Queen, Masons Arms and The Pineapple (SE1) are resplendent as ever.


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