MAY 2018 train timetables from Finsbury park

The new traintimetable is amazing for direct trains to stpanc and London bridge and beyond


  • 50 minutes to Gatwick! It's going to be great. It will really shake up a lot of commutes for the better too

    I saw a Class 700 at Finsbury Park last night. They really are lovely shiny beasts. Can't wait for them to be introduced on the Moorgate route.
  • When didn't see any dates on the web site, frequency looks great as well, looks like Gatwick will be the easiest airport to get to from SG
  • The connection into Crossrail at Farringdon looks like it will be a winner
  • Farringdon being two stops away will be a big win. Blackfriars for the South Bank. Rapid transit back from London Bridge. City Thameslink for Holborn. and the City. Ace, ace, ace.

    My only regret is that I'll end up travelling into KX less - I enjoy doing that journey at the weekend and prefer it to St Pancras, but far fewer trains will go that way.

    My only worry is that changing at Finsbury Park won't be fun for those of us who use Harringay.
  • Amazing! the travelling time from Finsbury Park to Gatwick is more or less the same by Victoria + Gatwick express, but it will mean avoiding the tube and a change, and moreover it will be hopefully cheaper than the Gatwick express.

    Will we be able to reach Luton directly too? It will really become an amazing location with 3 airports with direct connection and Stanstead direct from Tottenham Hale.

    And the cross rail interchange will add to the Moorgate (/Liverpool Street) change we were supposed to have if everything remained the same! Boom!
  • Not direct to Luton I'm afraid, need to switch at St Pancras.
  • The trains sound like the ones that currently stop at Kentish Town from Gatwick, Farringdon etc.

    London Bridge is currently painful via the Northern Line to the point i avoid it.
  • @Arkady oh yes it makes a lot of sense. Anyway great news and I second the London Bridge pain.

    I wonder what type of benefit this new connection will bring.

    Maybe more marketing material for the City North.
  • I can't seem to find the exact start date. I will start working in London Bridge next year, so it will be a very welcome addition to the already super well connected station!
  • It says may 2018. The new timetables are may18th so prob then
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