Wanted - PR/Marketing person...

To purge/create new customer reviews on this website...


Essential requirements: Postcode map of North London


  • I've just checked with Hungry House and they do not allow businesses to remove customer reviews, only to respond to them. They also have algorithms in place to identify and block "fake" (eg, inconsistent) reviews.

    I did not mention GH, just enquired what their policy is.
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    It will only be a plugin added by a Hungry House Drone.

    They need someone to take the Script out, on line 21 of the code, or build them an equally simple website, assuming that they own the actual domain of course.
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    Aye, they do own the domain, and the reviews are pulled from the HH site.

    It'd be better PR and a lot less effort to redirect the above domain to the HH site where there are a lot of positive yet wordless reviews; this site only pulls the ones with wordy reviews, and because of how it handles the postcodes, most of them look questionable anyway.

    Simply getting someone to write lots of positive reviews and to suppress the unhappy ones would not be a solution, though. Word of mouth is a beautiful thing :smile:
  • @harpistic From what you're saying about HH policy on customer reviews I'm beginning to suspect the postcodes may not be questionable but just badly parsed... First 3 characters rather than all but the last 3?
  • ... but that doesn't explain N70!
  • Well surely that's N7 0**
  • It aint the best Chinese anyway though, frankly.
  • Indeed, poorly parsed; something like rtrim(left(postcode,3)) would do the job nicely - even if it'd give these reviews more credibility.

    And agreed. Ate there once. Wouldn't do it again. A friend mentioned a new Chinese takeaway has opened up nearby though - yeay.
  • Surely, it should be... rtrim(left(postcode$, len(postcode$)-3))
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